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We ensure the quality you need to stay ahead

Our unique software combines 20 years of knowledge gained by working with pathologists and research scientists with the power of AI. We provide you with the accuracy and versatility you need to meet the tissue analysis challenges of tomorrow in research and diagnostics. Whether you’re developing next-generation therapies or matching these therapies with the right patients, we ensure the quality you need to stay ahead.

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Spatial Biology Analysis

Phenoplex™ is our complete image analysis workflow for all your multiplexed image analysis needs in spatial biology.

Diagnostic decision support

Discover our IVDR certified CE-IVD APPs and our integration workflows that revolutionize standardization through AI-driven pathology solutions.

IHC staining consistency

IHC staining consistency

Measure and document your staining consistency through standardized analysis of next generation reference materials with Qualitopix.

Make AI deep learning your new standard for tissue analysis

Oncotopix® Discovery is designed to be easily used by any scientist in tissue research, for both simple and complex datasets.

Discover our APP Center

With over 130 modular analysis units, our APPs are designed to solve specific problems using our tissue image analysis software covering all tissue, stain and modality types.
Our APP Center can significantly reduce your development time by providing a base for building and refining your own workflows.
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