Stereotopix™ Basic Research

A design based stereology solution

Stereology is the method of choice for unbiased quantification when a detailed analysis of tissue microstructure is essential to understand pathological or natural changes. Stereology is used to quantify structural information like volume, area, length, and numbers from many types of tissue, and is recognized in several scientific communities as the only scientifically valid and unbiased method to perform these types of quantitative analyses.

Combine probes for more quantitative power

The Stereology module has a comprehensive selection of stereological probes that can be combined to allow for simultaneous analysis of several end-points. Modern stereological methods introduce a need for efficient handling of local thickness measurement and guard zones at artificial edges for calculation of exact sampling probabilities. Local thickness measurement and guard zone handling are seamlessly integrated into Stereology.

An organized, intuitive workflow

Sample, count, document, calculate, publish – it’s that simple. Stereology will support users through each step of the process yielding powerful results of unbiased estimates that will meet or exceed the high standards of leading scientific journals for publication.

Image analysis-driven sampling

The Proportionator™ sampling principle is a very efficient general sampling principle in stereology that uses image analysis to perform a non-uniform sampling based on the extent of the feature of interest in each field of view. The sampling probability of each field is known, allowing for calculation of unbiased estimates. Proportionator™ sampling is based on the sampling strategy called Probability Proportional to Size (PPS).

Automated physical fractionator

Visiopharm’s patented Autodisector™ makes it possible to work fast and efficiently with the physical dissector principle by automating multiple steps in the workflow (tissue detection and delineation, aligning and sampling) leading to perfectly aligned adjacent sections

Developed and tested by leading experts

Visiopharm’s newCAST™ is the backbone of Stereotopix™ and originates from the stereology epicenter of Aarhus University, Denmark, developed and tested with profs. H.J. Gundersen and J.R. Nyengaard.

Hardware independent Stereology

Upgrading your current Stereology system to use whole slide imaging with Visiopharm’s Virtual™ The Visiopharm software will read the whole slide and you perform the stereological analysis completely separated from hardware. You no longer have to perform analysis for hours in a small dark room with no windows!

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