Automate TMA and reduce time to study results

Tissue Micro Arrays with Tissuearray™

Tissuearray™ is one of the most comprehensive, dedicated solution available on the market. A dedicated workflow allows for managing cores and importing grid designs as well as apply any analysis solution in batch processing.


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Automatically align all cores in linked sections based on information from the block design
Provides a tool for faster patient case workflow and improves study overview
Tumor detection, colocalization studies and automated biomarker quantification analysis of individual cores or aligned stacks of cores.
Enables automated tumor detection and co-localization studies drag-dropping TMA sections to be linked.
Results can be reviewed before storage, or transferred automatically to the Database/LIS
Validated for in vitro diagnostic use (CE IVD) in Europe in combination with the CE IVD APPs from Visiopharm. All other applications are for Research Use Only.

The TMA is the embodiment of high-throughput pathology. The platform combines tens to hundreds of tissue samples on a single microscope slide for interrogation. TMAs have enabled the rapid and cost-effective screening of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive utility

S. M. Hewitt, Methods Mol Biol, 2012; 823:201-14
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