Join Visiopharm and make a difference

Are you interested in joining an international company that offers AI-powered precision pathology software, dedicated to helping physicians and researchers combat cancer? Explore our current job openings and take the first step towards making a difference.

Join Visiopharm and make a difference

Why us?

6 reasons to work at Visiopharm

Excellent professional environment

At Visiopharm we take pride in our work and strive to do our best every day. Our unique mix of people from different backgrounds and academic disciplines enables us to think outside the box, offer feedback and support. We benefit from the knowledge of employees and student workers working together, which ultimately makes us come up with revolutionary ideas and tools for enhancing digital pathology.

We make a difference

At Visiopharm we aim to offer the best, newest, and most intuitive software tools, to strengthen physicians and researchers in the fight against cancer and other diseases. We are driven by the sense of purpose and ambition to keep challenging ourselves and the technology giving pathologists the chance to harness the power of AI.


We realized a long time ago that the right combination of knowledge and skills requires diversity. Diversity in Visiopharm can be seen in the range of experience levels, age, gender, and academic backgrounds of our employees. We believe that this combination is what allows us to continuously optimize our products and processes.

Social lunch

We make sure to enjoy a delicious lunch every day. Many of our employees use this break to socialize and build relationships with people from the office that they might not otherwise see during the workday. This helps to make for a very flat organizational structure, easy knowledge-sharing across departments, and ultimately an increased sense of unity.

We are international

As an industry leader, our products are used in research labs, pharmaceutical businesses, hospitals, and universities around the world. We hire the best to support our growth and we have more than 16 nationalities represented amongst our colleagues – working from 6 different countries.

Informal atmosphere

Your input matters! Developing the smartest and most creative solutions requires brainstorming and constructive feedback. At Visiopharm, we are strict about not being strict, and enjoy an informal and open atmosphere where every contribution matters.

Job opportunities

Hear from our employees

Lars in Sales

Lars in Sales

“In Technical Sales, I use my background in medical computer science research combined with several years of sales experience. I enjoy working with cutting edge technology in collaboration with many different people from lab technicians, scientists, principal investigators, pathologists, and their managers.

Engaging in the challenges of the individual customer and navigating trials and proof of concepts in the direction of the right solution provides me with great satisfaction. During the different stages of the sales process, we often develop strong relations.“
Lars Pedersen, Technical Sales

The International Sales teams work as a hands-on commercial force that identifies business opportunities through understanding customer objections and solving problems in complex environments.

Henrik in R&D

“At Visiopharm, I am surrounded by highly educated, skilled colleagues who are all committed to creating the best end-to-end product and continually optimize our internal workflow.

Asking questions is encouraged and help is always close by, which is great as a new employee. I have learned so much in my first months at Visiopharm, not just in my own field of AI, but also in the fields of my colleagues.”
Henrik Høeg, R&D, Research Products

R&D develops our revolutionizing software and applications by working in different teams using agile methods and cutting-edge technology.

Jeppe in R&D

Jeppe in R&D

“One of the great advantages of working at Visiopharm is that it feels like a startup without actually being one, meaning that we can move and respond quickly to client needs without heavy processes getting in the way of new software developments.

The overall flat organizational structure and informal tone create an innovative developer environment where state of the art methodology is continuously used to solve real-world problems within both advanced and basic research.”
Jeppe Thagaard, R&D, Research Products

R&D develops our revolutionizing software and applications by working in different teams using agile methods and cutting-edge technology.

Stine in Product Management

Stine in Product Management

“I love working in Product Management because it is a cross-disciplinary function where I get to collaborate with amazingly skilled coworkers from all departments. It constantly challenges me to optimize workflows and processes to make them more scalable as we are growing at such a fast pace.

I can truly say that I have a job that challenges me and allows me to use and expand my competencies every single day.”
Stine Harder, Product Manager

Product Management plays a crucial part in translating customer needs into product requirements, delivers technical specifications to the development teams, and ensures the continued growth of our portfolio.

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