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The Visiopharm Viewer handles a wide collection of whole slide formats and supports field of view (FOV) image types. Tailored to be used with CE-IVD APPs or within the research environment the Viewer supports advanced image analysis for brightfield, fluorescence as well as multispectral image modalities.


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Advanced image analysis for profound knowledge

Alignment and co-registration allows viewing of multiple case sections. Easy, robust and automated tumor and stroma separation with VirtualDoubleStaining™. Perform multiplexing between various types of staining methods with the Visiopharm VirtualMultiplexing™.

Diagnostics use

For automated image analysis, Visiopharm offers a range of APPs, which could free up pathologists’ time and improve the speed of throughput. Validated for in vitro diagnostic use (CE-IVD) in Europe in combination with the CE-IVD APPs from Visiopharm, all other applications are for research use only.

Research use

For research use, the ability to tailor all aspects of the image display and Viewer components assists researchers in their design and appliance of new algorithms and APPs. Special tools enable direct measurement and display of distance, curve length, angle, radius, diameter, and area. Only one mouse click away in the very intuitive and easy-to-use wheel menu.

Fluorescence images

Viewing fluorescence images in research requires correct identification of color information, which is handled with the Visiopharm Viewer. Wavelengths and names of channels are read from image files and can be modified if necessary. The Viewer supports all color formats ranging from standard brightfield to high sensitivity multispectral images, including fluorescence.

Multispectral images

There is no limit to the number of color bands used in the Visiopharm Viewer. Most brightfield images are composed of three bands (Red, Green, Blue), but we can handle hundreds of bands, including a combination of brightfield images and fluorescent channels. With the control of colors and stretch on each individual band the viewing possibilities are endless.

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