Because pathology research deserves profound knowledge​

Every day the boundaries of what is possible are being pushed. Technology should enable you to find more information, get more precise answers and have more robust results. Then you can focus on what matters: Propelling pathology research forward.

Profound knowledge

​The right technology should feel like an extension of you – enhancing your capabilities and generating data that is not only accurate but meaningful to your research questions.

Visiopharm’s Oncotopix® Discovery for research is built with a foundation based in artificial intelligence deep learning and designed to be used by scientists. Tissue mining is more than simple image analysis, it’s finding the answers to your questions, making new discoveries and finding new treatments.  

The wait is over

Digital image analysis using deep learning will help you get more accomplished, from automated nuclei detection to finding meaningful populations in multiplex data.

Go digital

Vary your samples, not your analysis

Applications that use deep learning mean that your analysis will be robust, even with heterogeneous samples and variable stains.

Complexity made simple

Find meaningful populations from highly complex marker panels and compare across experiments, without having to learn a new software language.

We speak science

Image analysis that’s built to enable your work and move your research forward, wherever the data takes you. 

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More capabilities with deep learning

Integrating deep learning to image analysis allows robust and reliable detection of structures, which due to a high natural heterogeneity have been challenging to detect with machine learning only. Deep learning based algorithms identify rules from the underlying patterns in the image, using examples instead of code.

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Deep learning in image analysis

Our deep learning capabilities can be easily combined with classical image analysis to get the best out of both worlds. Users can train their own algorithms from scratch, tailored to their need or use – and adapt – our pre-build and ready-to-use AI APPs.

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Tumor-stroma separation

Various image analysis algorithms in oncology depend on a reliable tumor-stroma separation prior to the detailed analysis to ensure precise data generation. Our deep learning based tumor detection for IHC accurately identifies regions of epithelial tumor cells and can be combined with a variety of ready-to-use or customized subsequent analysis algorithms for your research.

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Lymph node metastasis

This module has been trained to detect metastases in H&E stained lymph nodes associated with breast and colorectal adenocarcinoma. The Metastasis Detection APP for research results in improved sensitivity and specificity of metastasis detection in lymph nodes from colorectal and breast adenocarcinoma.

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Nuclei segmentation

Consistent and robust nuclei detection is the base of a large majority of tissue image analysis algorithms. With advanced nucleus pleomorphism it is increasingly difficult – albeit important – to accurately segment the nuclei. Our deep learning based Nuclei Detection APP reliably segments challenging cases in a large variety of stainings.

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Glomeruli segmentation

Accurately identify glomeruli in kidney sections stained with a wide range of antibodies for a large variety of kidney research. This ready-to-use analysis can be combined with any subsequent stain specific algorithm for individual measurements.

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More capabilities with deep learning
Deep learning in image analysis
Tumor-stroma separation
Lymph node metastasis
Nuclei segmentation
Glomeruli segmentation

(Research use only, not for diagnostic purposes)

Expect more from your image analysis

Nuclei detection

Complex phenotyping

Tumor/stroma separation

Hot spot detection

PD-L1 assessment

Invasive tumor detection

Virtual multiplexing

Tissue microarray analysis

Proliferation index

Metastasis detection

Breast cancer panel analysis

Glomeruli detection

Tumor microenvironment assessment

Immune status

Ki-67 percentage

IMC™ (Fluidigm) analysis

Tissue detection

Heterogeneity analysis

RNAscope classification

H&E, IHC, Fluorescence analysis

Reference standard assessment

HER2 status

FISH analysis

Primary tissue, cell lines, animal models


(Research use only, not for diagnostic purposes)

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The right AI for the right job
Powerful AI

The right AI for the right job

Not all tissue is built alike. Knowing when to use the right technology to get accurate, reproducible results is what you should expect from image analysis software. Each APP created in the Visiopharm software is created and tested using real-world data to ensure that the science behind the results is sound and APP performance is optimal.


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Tissue mining

Cutting-edge tissue mining

Find and analyze tissue and cellular structures with a wide array of ready-to-use precision algorithms. Create bespoke precision algorithms with AI to find specific tissue and cellular structures for your samples. Automatically phenotype cells in highly multiplex tissue samples or across multiple serial sections.


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Powerful data management tools
Data management

Powerful data management tools

With Visiopharm software you get not only an ever-expanding suite of sophisticated analysis algorithms, you also get essential data management tools to make sense of the results.

  • Create customizable data tables by querying images or cells for intensity, morphology, proximity, and more
  • Sort images based on calculated metrics using interactive data tables and display tools


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“Visiopharm is able to handle the very complex processes”

“Basically Visiopharm allows us to explore areas of research that typically would be very manual, a very subjective practice. What this tool allows us to do is essentially identify things that would be very difficult and allows us to get data that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to obtain.
Visiopharm is able to handle the very complex processes, very complex images, and then we are able to utilize it’s capabilities to get the data you need”.

Robert Stapp, Thomas Jefferson University

“This software is different than all the others”

I chose Visiopharm because this software is different than all the others, it’s very versatile. It’s different than the black box software where it comes with a pre-programmed set of modules.

Nathan Su, Acepix Biosciences, USA

“Visiopharm’s possibilities are virtually endless”

“I think that the huge benefit of Visiopharm is that you can develop your own customized algorithms. A lot more efficient than you can do with other software products. The possibilities are virtually endless.”

Stefan Hamann, Biogen
Explore all features

Explore all features

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Research subscriptions

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