6311 Visiopharm and Proscia Partner Up

Visiopharm and Proscia® Partner to Deliver AI-Enabled Solutions that Advance Precision Medicine

Collaboration unifies image analysis and image management in a single solution for realizing the full promise of computational pathology data

Visiopharm, the leader in precision pathology software, and Proscia, a leader in digital pathology image and workflow management, have entered into a multi-year, strategic partnership to deliver deeply integrated AI-enabled solutions that drive breakthroughs in translational research and advance precision medicine. In addition to joint product integration, Visiopharm and Proscia have established a global reseller and support agreement to accelerate the delivery of these combined offerings to the market.

The shift towards precision medicine has led to the rapid adoption of digital pathology across translational research, as new computational applications have the potential to unlock hidden insights that drive discoveries into breakthrough therapies. Despite this digitization, research organizations are struggling to incorporate computational data into the modern digital workflow due to the siloed deployment of isolated applications across image analysis and image management.

Visiopharm and Proscia have joined forces to deliver a best-in-class unified solution that enables research organizations to better leverage computational image data. Available today, the integrated solution connects Visiopharm’s VIS AI-image analysis suite with Proscia’s Concentriq® image management platform, enabling high-throughput research organizations to realize the full potential of their digital pathology data. This integration allows scientists and pathologists to automatically stream images from Concentriq into the VIS suite for analysis and push results back into Concentriq, where they can be visualized and incorporated into ongoing studies.

“We are impressed with the innovation, drive, and depth of understanding Proscia brings to the field of image, data, and workflow management,” said Visiopharm CEO Michael Grunkin. “This collaboration will allow each of our companies to focus on our respective core competences. Essentially, that means we can use our resources to keep innovating and pushing the ‘boundaries of possible’ in our respective fields and continue to deliver relevant and future-proof solutions that span the entire scope of precision pathology collaborative workflows.”

“Our strategic partnership with Visiopharm brings together industry-leading technology capabilities and a strong track record of customer success,” said David West, CEO of Proscia. “Through our joint solution, we’re helping our customers adopt an increasingly complex and data-driven approach to pathology that will drive research breakthroughs and lead to improved patient outcomes.”

To learn more about how Visiopharm and Proscia are enabling research organizations to realize the full promise of their digital pathology data, explore the partnership overview and join our webinar, “Integrated Image Analysis At Scale: Visiopharm and Proscia’s Unified Solution,” on April 14, 2020 at 1PM CET and 12PM ET.

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Enabling better cancer diagnostics via artificial intelligence-driven solutions

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Visiopharm today announced that they have entered a long-term collaboration agreement. The announcement is happening at the USCAP 109th Annual Meeting being held on February 29 through March 5, 2020, in Los Angeles, CA.

Based on a joint vision of end-to-end quality and standardization of tissue diagnostics, the partnership will address the currently unmet needs of pathology labs around the world. The companies’ shared goal is to provide specific technologies, produ­­cts, and services that will improve the standardization of pathology labs and accelerate accurate diagnoses.

Agilent and Visiopharm will co-market Visiopharm’s portfolio of artificial intelligence-driven pathology solutions.

“This partnership is an exciting step in our shared commitment in the fight against cancer,” said Simon Østergaard, Agilent vice president and general manager of the company’s pathology group. “Agilent’s market-leading portfolio of pathology staining management solutions combined with Visiopharm’s digital interpretation solutions will help facilitate improved patient care and diagnostic accuracy. Together we will tackle some of the most critical challenges faced by pathology labs and pave the way toward the fully digitalized lab of the future.”

“The transformation into next-generation precision pathology is important to realize the full potential of tissue pathology in this dawning era of personalized medicine,” said Michael Grunkin, CEO of Visiopharm. “This transformation requires a holistic approach to standardization along the entire diagnostic journey from biopsy to diagnosis. We are excited to be working with Agilent on precisely that. With their complementary product portfolio and longstanding legacy of innovation and quality in this field, we see a very strong match.”

The co-marketing relationship will result in offerings that will improve the standardization of pathology labs and accelerate accurate diagnoses for their patients. Digital pathology is the future, although many labs have waited to adopt it due to the lack of choices currently available and the expense of adoption. This effort will enable labs to gradually adopt digital technologies in a flexible and scalable manner.

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