Improved understanding of the biology and pathophysiology of the TME in PDAC samples revealed by both InSituPlex® and Imaging Mass Cytometry

AACR 2022

A. Quong, N. Lane, D. Quong, G. Chatterjee, D. Fleury, K. H. Maclean, M. Manesse, K. A. Wharton Jr, F. Schneider, D. Winkowski, J. Mansfield

Novel analysis method for in situ spatial phenotyping of cell populations in multimarker imagery

AACR 2022

F. T. Schneider, J. R. Mansfield, A. S. Massaro, S. Haastrup, R. A. Lyngby, A. Hussing, J. Doré-Hansen, J. Thagaard, R. N. Sørensen

A robust deep learning approach for precisely segmenting cells in multiplex tissue images

PathVisions 2021

D. Winkowski, Ph.D., J. Caldara, B. Boehmer, Ph.D., T. R. Baird, Ph.D.

Unique insights into PDAC development revealed by both InSituPlex and imaging mass cytometry

SITC 2021
Jeppe Thagaard, Fabian Schneider, Dan Winkowski, James Mansfield

An AI-based, automated workflow for identification and scoring of invasive tumor in Ki-67 stained breast cancer specimens

AACR 2022

B. Patel, PhD, S. Allen, S. Talwalkar, MD, N. Mehra, PhD, J. Thagaard, T.W. Ramsing, A. Overgaard, PhD, J. Caldara

Comparative multiplex digital phenotyping of the tumor microenvironment across multiple tumor types using a well characterized multi-tumor tissue microarray

Sherry et al. Collaboration between TriStar Technology Group, Ultivue, and OracleBio

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