Multiplex Digital Phenotyping of the Tumor Microenvironment Across Multiple Tumor Types

Sherry et al. Collaboration between TriStar Technology Group, Ultivue, and OracleBio

External Quality Assessment for PD-L1 Testing in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Detecting Lymph Node Metastases in Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning

Jeppe Thagaard DTU Compute Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Utilizing Image Analysis to Characterize an 8-plex Immunofluorescence Immune Checkpoint Biomarker Panel within the Tumor Tissue Microenvironment

Alison Bigley, Lorcan Sherry, Nicole Stillie, Douglas Wood, Sean Downing OracleBio & Ultivue

Current Tobacco Use is Associated with Decreased IFN-γ Signaling and PD-L1 Expression in HPV Positive Oropharyngeal Cancer

Ricardo J. Ramirez MD, MSCI, Benjamin M. Wahle MD, Mena Mansour MD, Sophie P. Gerndt MD, Zixing Liu MD PhD, Paul Zolkind MD, Angela Mazul MPH, PhD, Krzysztof Hyrc PhD, Jose P. Zevallos MD, MPH

Histological Scoring of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Deep Learning

Overgaard, A., Eschen, C., Oró, D., & Veidal, S. ESTP 2020

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