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Why go digital?

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Enabling accurate decisions – this is the at the heart of every innovation in digital pathology at Visiopharm. Implementing a digital workflow for image analysis not only sets you up for increased throughput to help you get through ever-increasing caseloads but puts the decision support tools in your hands to deliver highly accurate, precise results.

Remote access and sharing of images, data, and results across your network

By implementing digital pathology, slides and data can be shared with members of your pathology network automatically, saving valuable time and easing constraints on internal resources.

Securely store and manage your data utilizing a digital infrastructure system

With digital data storage, you can have a scalable solution that makes it possible to easily review and handle your information across an entire lab, institute, hospital, or region.

Standardized image analysis ensures reproducible results across all cases

With digital pathology, standardization is possible like never before. From reproducible slide staining and slide scanners to ensure image consistency, to automated image analysis and reporting, get trustworthy results that enable pathologists to perform at their peak.

Innovative artificial intelligence-powered analysis protocols increase detection capabilities and decrease turnaround times

By adding AI-enabled analysis to find regions of interest, detection of multiple markers and difficult markers is easy and robust. Not only does this alleviate tedious manual annotation steps, but detection sensitivity increases leading to better assessment of samples.

Your partner for digital pathology

Image analysis of digital images is just one part of the entire digital pathology landscape. By partnering with scanner providers and workflow management solutions, we can help you to realize the benefits of digital pathology.



Implement Visiopharm Scanners to get fast, reliable whole slide imaging, ready for sophisticated image analysis and digital archival.

(Available in EU only)

Storage and sharing

Storage and sharing

With established partnerships and collaborations with a variety of management systems such as IMS, LIMS, PACS, and VNAs, you can easily manage, store, and share you digital slides and analysis results.

View and analyze

View and analyze

Get virtually endless possibilities with whole slide viewing and comparison, AI-based image analysis, RUO APPs and CE-IVD APP for your entire network.

Digital workflow implementation

End-to-end digital pathology systems enable consistent, high quality data by eliminating sources of errors compared to manual workflows. Reducing staining inconsistencies, reducing manual identification of relevant fields of view for analysis, and digital storing of image data are just a few of the benefits that come with implementation of digital image analysis.

For most labs, converting to a digital infrastructure feels like a daunting task. Our team of implementation engineers, project managers, software engineers and IT specialists are dedicated to providing the highest level of support to help you realize a fully digitized pathology workflow.

Step #1

Project support

We can help you compile a compelling business case addressing barriers, system requirements, and best practices to convert to digital pathology
Step #2

Workflow mapping

Visualize and pilot the new digital workflow including process definition, equipment and team member needs
Step #3

Infrastructure specification

Support in choosing the appropriate networks, information systems (LIS, IMS, PACS) and security requirements to support digitization while keeping within the timeline and budget for your project
Step #4

Configuration and training

Our specialists can organize and conduct setup, installation and training to all users across locations to ensure a successful rollout of a digitized system
Step #5

Ongoing support

After the initial rollout, we can help to review, analyze and refine processes to ensure continued success across your organization.
Find out how to go digital

Our team has experience in image analysis, imaging, IT infrastructure, digital pathology, anatomic pathology, IHC, and much more. Visiopharm assists clients from planning through the implementation of digital pathology. Learn more about digital pathology workflows and how we can support you on your journey.

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