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Phenoplex v3: Revolutionizing multiplex image analysis with advanced spatial neighborhood capabilities  

We are excited to launch Phenoplex v3, the latest iteration of our complete workflow for all your multiplex image analysis needs.

With an emphasis on empowering researchers with unprecedented insights into spatial relationships, Phenoplex v3 introduces groundbreaking features for spatial neighborhood analysis, allowing users to define custom radii and quantify and visualize specific cellular neighbors. 

The new features will be available to all Phenoplex users in July with the Release of 2024.07.  

Come visit us at AACR booth #646 to see a live preview of the new spatial neighborhood analysis features. 

Key new features of Phenoplex v3 putting spatial analyses at your fingertips: 

Proximity Profiling:  

Phenoplex v3 puts control in the hands of researchers with the ability to define cell population targets and Regions of Interest for analysis. Cell neighbors are selected and custom distance radii around targets can be set. Users can now select relevant cell populations for analysis and display targets and neighbors on their images interactively. This novel feature empowers users to tailor their analyses with unparalleled precision, ensuring that the spatial relationships within user-defined areas are thoroughly examined – spatial biology hypothesis review at a new level.

Review cellular neighbors on your whole slide images with ease
Analyse neighboring cells in individual Regions of Interest (ROIs)

Cross-Population Distance Analysis:  

Unlock the potential of your multiplex imaging data with Phenoplex v3’s spatial distance analysis. Explore intricate cellular interactions and uncover hidden patterns within tissues and across samples. The intuitive interface simplifies the process, making distance analyses accessible both to experienced users and newcomers, for distances of cell populations to each other cells or to specific Region borders.

Seamless Workflow Integration: Efficiency Redefined  

Phenoplex v3 seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, streamlining the analysis process and saving valuable time. The intuitive user interface, coupled with user-friendly features, ensures a hassle-free experience from data input to insightful results.  

Paving the Way for Future Discoveries: Stay Ahead in Research  

With Phenoplex v3, researchers can stay ahead in the dynamic field of multiplex image analysis. The innovative features offered by Phenoplex v3 open new avenues for exploration, helping scientists make groundbreaking discoveries and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.  

Visiopharm remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower researchers to unravel the complexities of biological systems. Phenoplex offers you:  

  • A guided bi-directional workflow tailored for setting phenotypes with continuous QC and review of results.  
  • Advanced fully interactive Data Exploration, using t-SNE, Scatter and Box-plotting capabilities along with a cell gallery and cell locations across multiple images  
  • Powerful pre-trained nuclear detection APPs for multiplex immunofluorescence and IMC (imaging mass cytometry).  
  • Easy-to-use channel management tools to QC images and review biomarker localization. Group your channels of interest in multiple meaningful color channel groups to quickly toggle between panels.  
  • A workflow to review and set image object thresholds for each biomarker manually or automatically.  
  • A novel graphical co-occurrence matrix overview to review biomarker double positivity combinations; users with domain knowledge now have an intuitive way to spot unexpected combinations.  
  • Powered by Visiopharm’s best-in-class image analysis platform, combining 20 years of tissue expertise with innovative state-of-the-art technology.  

Janusz Franco-Barraza, MD, PhD, Research Assistant Professor (E. Cukierman Lab) & Manager of Spatial Immuno-Proteomics Facility at Fox Chase Cancer Center:

Visiopharm’s Phenoplex workflow allowed me, as a cancer biologist, to effectively scrutinize high-plex immunofluorescence images of pancreatic cancer, investigating a large panel of markers and uncovering the spatial relationships of cell populations, despite being a naive user. This user-friendly platform bridges the gap between basic and translational research, representing the future of cancer cell biology.

Dr. Fabian Schneider, Visiopharm Research Product manager:

We’ve learned from our customers and partners that image analysis of highplex assay (>10 channels) has advanced needs that range from how to work with channel management tools, to image object thresholding and clear presentation of biomarker combinations as phenotypes. We have partnered with our users to develop an end-to-end product solution for the analysis of highplex assay imagery. Phenoplex provides researchers with a workflow from dataset management, image object generation using powerful AI APPs, development of channel rules for positivity thresholds, bi-directional data interaction using advanced plotting capabilities, and now advanced spatial neighborhood analysis. With this, we enable researchers, irrespective of their experience with image analysis software or their programming skills, to generate a phenotyping data library and to deep dive into the biology of their datasets.

For more information about Phenoplex, please visit our website or book a demo of the new features.

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