Resources / Multiplex phenotyping – enabling tissue microenvironments insights
Duration 21 min
Dr Fabian Schneider, Visiopharm
Multiplex phenotyping – enabling tissue microenvironments insights
Duration 21 min
Learning objectives
    • Discover how the Visiopharm platform can be used for multiplex analysis
    • Review an example analysis of an mIF 8plex image
    • Learn how the new Visiopharm Data Insights tool can be used for exploring image objects
    • See an example analysis of a Fluidigm Hyperion CyTOF image covering tissue and cell segmentation using AI deep learning, phenotyping and an example tumor microenvironment region analysis

Dr Fabian Schneider, PhD, Service Project Lead, Visiopharm

Dr Fabian Schneider is part of Visiopharm’s R&D and Product Management team, responsible for phenotyping products as well as service projects for custom APP development. Fabian has over 10 years of international experience in cancer biology and immuno-oncology, working in academic research labs, clinical research teams and computational pathology groups in both academia and biopharma. Fabian received his Dr phil. nat. in Cell Biology in 2011 from the Johan Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.

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