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Why Cell lines?
Duration 21:20 min
Colin Tristram, CEO, Histocyte, UK
Why cell lines?
Duration 21:20 min
About the webinar

In this webinar Colin will talk about the important role of cell lines together with Qualitopix in achieving staining consistency.

Colin Tristram

CEO, Histocyte, UK

Colin has spent the last twenty years developing, marketing, and commercializing a range of products for the IVD market, specifically tissue diagnostics. Colin is the founder and current CEO of HistoCyte laboratories. He studied Medical Microbiology at Newcastle University, specializing in immunology. His MSc focused on HER2 in breast cancer, involving the development of procedures for IHC controls. With this knowledge he and his colleagues started HistoCyte and developed a range of high-quality, reproducible, and cost-effective analyte control material for same-slide use in histopathology. HistoCyte was acquired by Atlas Antibodies in 2021.

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