Resources / Reimbursement for digital pathology in the clinic – how does that work?
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Duration 30 min
Dr Aleksandra Zuraw and Esther Abels
Reimbursement for digital pathology in the clinic – how does that work?
Duration 30 min
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In this episode, Dr Aleksandra Zuraw delves into the complex world of digital pathology reimbursement and aligning it with its value. She interviews our Chief Clinical and Regulatory Officer, Esther Abels, who played a key role in establishing a regulatory pathway for digital pathology. Esther highlights the significance of promoting an understanding of the health economic benefits and patient improvements.

Medical tests and procedures can get reimbursed based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes by the American Medical Association (AMA). But obtaining a code for digital pathology, which is more complex, requires a shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. To prove value, the services and added value must be defined, supported by relevant data, and linked to physician involvement and stakeholder values. For example, an AI-assisted metastasis detection application can save pathologists time and increase diagnostic consistency, leading to faster treatment and improved patient care. Digital pathology’s benefits can lead to reimbursement and better patient outcomes.

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Please note, Esther Abels no longer works at Visiopharm.

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