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Visiopharm Becomes a Technology Leader in Deep Learning

Visiopharm Becomes a Technology Leader in Deep Learning and AI Image Analysis for Digital Pathology

Visiopharm Launches AI Powered by Deep Learning: Letting Pathologists Harness the Power of AI

The Oncotopix®/Biotopix™ AI image analysis platform is powered by the latest technological breakthroughs in AI and Deep Learning, providing the most comprehensive solution for image analysis available for Digital Pathology today.

With near infinite configurability, the Visiopharm AI software platform addresses even the most complex and challenging image analysis applications. This allows scientists and researchers to grow and evolve with their research without constantly hitting the walls of software limitations.

The intuitive “teach-by-example” implementation, makes it possible for pathologists to easily become proficient and generate highly accurate and reproducible results even if they have no skills in programming or advanced IT.

“Visiopharm really has become a leader in these types of deep learning methods which is really impressive” 

– Robert Dunstan, Senior Research Fellow, AbbVie

The deep learning technology in the Visiopharm AI image analysisplatform is specifically developed towards histopathology, so pathologists and scientists are able to apply, train and create high-quality deep learning algorithms to obtain breakthrough results in own field of work.

“Our AI platform was designed for offering the latest breakthrough advances in AI/Deep Learning Technology for Whole Slide Image Analysis in a way that enables immediate productivity with very little training, also for scientists with no IT-background; while still offering full configurability for experts,” said Michael Grunkin, CEO of Visiopharm. “This makes Oncotopix/Biotopix AI the ideal platform for tissue-based research: Scientists can grow with their research without experiencing limitations and barriers. We are excited to see how easy it is for our users to efficiently tackle applications that they weren’t able to address with other tools”.

“With these state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms optimized for tissue pathology, we see the second paradigm shift in AI for image analysis. We simply push the boundaries of what is possible in cancer research and drug development,” adds Jeppe Thagaard, deep learning research engineer, Visiopharm.

With the new AI image analysis platform, pathologists and scientists get the power of state-of-the-art deep learning to solve difficult problems – without having to write a single line of code. 

Watch Visiopharm’s AI webinar

Take a look and watch Visiopharm’s deep learning experts demonstrate the “how to” with explanations and demo cases relevant for nuclei quantification in IHC images, accurate tumor separation in H&E, and advanced context-aware region mapping in fx brain images. 

Watch the webinar here.

Visiopharm AI Image Analysis solution 

The Oncotopix® and Biotopix™ AI image analysis modules are available and fully integrated with the Visiopharm current image analysis software platform. Visit for details. 

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