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Visiopharm and Ultivue form co-marketing partnership, raising the bar for immunoprofiling insights

Visiopharm, a leader in AI-based digital pathology, and Ultivue, a leader in multiplexing for tissue biomarker analysis, today announced a new co-marketing partnership to promote a workflow with Ultivue´s UltiMapper I/O Immuno8 panel and subsequent image analysis. The workflow will standardize tissue biomarkers investigation of cellular immunophenotypes.

Visiopharm and Ultivue will deliver advanced tissue biomarker staining and analysis research solutions for immuno-oncology programs. The partnership leverages the companies’ capabilities and experience in multiplex immuno-profiling to enable its biopharma customers to carry out advanced analysis of the tumor microenvironment. The technologies from both companies are ideally suited to elevate biomarker discovery and analysis within the tumor microenvironment. For biomarker programs, the solution will provide actionable insights to advance tissue biomarker strategies.

Mark Rees, Ph.D., VP of corporate development, Ultivue, said:

“Ultivue have the best-in-class multiplex IF technology platform which together with our rapid custom service can deliver high-quality complex assay solutions to Biopharma and CRO partners in record turnaround times. Visiopharm offers the best image analysis technology for immunoprofiling; this exciting new partnership strengthens the workflow and analytics for advanced analysis of the tumor microenvironment, which ensures that we can deliver the essential data that is needed to expedite decision-making in biomarker programs.”

Adrian Arechiga, Ph.D., chief marketing officer, Visiopharm, said:

“Success in immunotherapy is driving the need for prognostic and predictive assays to inform patient selection and stratification. This requirement can be met by a combination of multiplexed staining, image analysis and artificial intelligence. This co-marketing partnership is underpinned by a joint vision of providing biopharma with exceptional tools for immunoprofiling through spatial analysis of tumor-immune cell interactions. Ultivue’s multiplexing kits and Visiopharm’s AI-based tissue mining tools are ideally suited to provide high-quality and in-depth insights that can move biomarker programs forward, ultimately resulting in the next generation of assays that may inform patient care.”

To learn more about this collaboration, products and events, see here.

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