Impaired Dendritic Cell Homing in COVID-19

Ralf Huss MD, PhD & Lukas Borcherding
March 1, 2022

Oncotopix Discovery: deep learning as a standard analysis method for digital pathology images

David Mason & Fabian Schneider
March 24, 2022

Advanced Phenotyping of the Tumor Immune Microenvironment

Angela Vasaturo, PhD Fabian Schneider, PhD May 26, 2021

Histopathological scoring of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using deep learning

Agnete Overgaard Research Scientist, Gubra June 24

From high background to complex staining patterns: Using AI to extract what the eyes can see but the software typically cannot tell

Joseph Allison Research Technician, King’s College London June 24

Phenotyping cell populations in multiplexed image analysis using deep learning

June 24

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