Breast Cancer Analysis

The CE-IVD marked APPs to detect breast cancer biomarkers enable pathologists to achieve more consistent readings of the tumor landscape, leading to better-informed decision making.

Subscription Editions

Visiopharm offers advanced image analysis and tissue mining tools packaged into on-premise subscription editions. Explore the editions and find the one that best suits your needs.

Tissue Mining Toolkit Powered by AI Deep Learning

Visiopharm's deep learning software offers users the power to solve even the most complex and challenging image analysis problems with ease

Agilent & Visiopharm Collaboration

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Visiopharm today announced that they have entered co-marketing agreement.


Our scalable software solution features the latest technology in image analysis that seamlessly plugs into laboratory workflows via the IMS, LIS or PACS systems already installed in the lab.


The Tissuealign™ analysis module is an add-on to the basic image analysis system, which gives the ability to align and subsequently analyze digitized serial sections.

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