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Visiopharm Releases Version 2018.4 of VIS Image Analysis Software – Adding More User-Friendly Functionalities

Our digital image analysis software platform continues to evolve and improve in our efforts fighting cancer in histopathology. The new 2018.4 version of VIS Image Analysis Software (for research use only) is ready for our new and existing customers.

New features and functionalities in the new software include improved usability on:

  • More visible APP information and related APP serial number
  • Implementation of new and improved alignment model
  • Sorting of images in Slide Tray based on their output variable
  • New integrations to Sectra, OME.TIFF slide format integration (for Advanced Multiplexing) and 3D connection mouse
  • Along with several improvements to batch processing using queueing

We continuously broaden the integration possibilities for our scaleable software solution to fit the needs and volumes of any lab with seamlessly plugs into LIS/LIMS, IMS, VNA, or PACS systems already installed in the lab.

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About Visiopharm:

Visiopharm is a world leader in Augmented Pathology™ solutions for Histopathology Image Analysis Software and in Tissue Research, serving Hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, and research institutions with over 900 licenses worldwide.
Our ONCOTOPIX® Diagnostics platform is a robust solution for cancer diagnostics with CE-IVD algorithms for the breast panel, and VirtualDoubleStaining™ for automated, verifiable tumor/stroma separation. Our software is featured in over 1200 scientific publications.
If you want to know more about our VIS image analysis software for clinical diagnostics or research purposes, please contact us at

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