Solve your most challenging problems with AI

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Solve your most challenging problems with AI

Create robust solutions for the most complex of problems

The deep learning technology in Visiopharm’s AI image analysis platform has been specifically developed for the field of histopathology, so you are able to apply, train AND create high-quality deep learning algorithms to obtain breakthrough results in your field of work.
Regardless of the type of stain or tissue, identification of cells or tissue compartments are fundamental first steps in image analysis. Manual methods for doing these tasks are time-consuming and challenging, especially for those new to the field of image analysis.

An intuitive analysis workflow in three steps

Solving complex problems becomes straightforward with the Visiopharm software. Our software uses a teach-by-example methodology, which makes it easier to find meaningful differences between biomarkers, cells, and tissues, no matter the tissue type or stain used. Here’s how it works:

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Why choose Visiopharm for AI image analysis?

The Visiopharm software allows you to combine image analysis applications – called APPs in Visiopharm – and build a workflow that answers your specific questions. By saving your image analysis configuration, you can use the APPs as often as you want and also share it. It’s easy to modify APPs without rewriting an entire image analysis workflow.
Ready-to-use APPs
Use our ready-to-use AI-based APPs to identify cells types, tumor regions, glomeruli and other unique objects or regions. Check out our APP Center.
deep learning
Create your own AI APPs
Develop image analysis applications and workflows without the need for AI expertise. Use our unique authoring capabilities to tailor an existing APP to suit your needs, or to build your solution that delivers precise and accurate information without needing any programming experience.
Independently customizable
By combining ready-to-use or you own custom build APPs, you can use different classifiers and magnifications for each step in the workflow. Choose to report outputs at any stage of the workflow (e.g. tissue area, cell counts, proliferation index).  
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Tumor identification
Glomeruli identification
Mitotic identification

With automatic identification of tumor regions directly on IHC stained samples, use deep learning to eliminate tedious manual annotations and enable reliable analysis across multiple markers and stains.

Deep learning can automatically identify every glomerulus in all tissue sections, both saving time and increasing reproducibility which allows for a more robust downstream analysis of cellular differences.

Deep learning can identify a full range of mitotic figure morphologies, allowing analysis across entire tissue samples and replacing tedious and error-prone manual enumeration approaches.

What customers say about us

“I think that the huge benefit of Visiopharm is that you can develop your own custom algorithms a lot more efficiently than you can with other software products. The possibilities are virtually endless.”

Stefan Hamann, Ph.D., Principal Scientist at the Translational Pathology Laboratory at Biogen

What customers say about us

“We have identified Visiopharm’s AI deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules as key technologies that will allow us to enhance image analysis capabilities, diversify the range of quantitative outputs, and ultimately improve study outcomes for our clients.”

Lorcan Sherry, Chief Scientific Officer, OracleBio

What customers say about us

“Our good knowledge of the various market players has naturally led us to choose Visiopharm, which we believe offers the most advanced and promising solution by being at the forefront of the development of new analytical technologies such as deep learning.”

Catherine DE MONTRION, PhD, Head of Department Molecular Histopathology, CentEx Biotechnology, Institut de Recherches Servier, France

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