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Gain the ability to interrogate the immune landscape and make informed decisions. It’s time you have a greater understanding of tumor biology

Whether you’re using multiplex fluorescents panels or imaging mass cytometry, you should be able to interrogate the immune landscape and make informed decisions. With Visiopharm’s AI-powered Phenotyping module you can perform complex multimarker cellular phenotyping of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment.

Find cell phenotypes using any number of biomarkers

Find individual cell types, populations, and the differences between study groups with just the click of a button. Imagine what a streamlined, automated analysis of multiplexed images could do for your pathology workflow. Here are a few more reasons why Visiopharm’s AI-powered phenotyping module is a smart choice:
deep learning

Deep learning with no coding

The Phenotyping module is easy to configure and requires no coding because the robust deep learning tools are built into our platform.

powerful ai

Intelligent software

Automatically cluster data into easy-to-understand cell phenotypes that are based on marker expression.

focus on tissue

Customizable output

Every question you ask your data will require different metrics. Generate phenotypic matrices, profiles, neighborhood analysis, and t-SNE plots to see phenotypic relationships and understand the spatial correlations in the tumor microenvironment.


Agnostic workflows

Works with spectrally unmixed data from Akoya Vectra®, Vectra® Polaris™, Ultivue® and IONPath (MIBI™), and CODEX and other sequentially stained technologies, as well as Fluidigm IMC™ data.

What customers say about Visiopharm

“We have identified Visiopharm’s AI deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules as key technologies that will allow us to enhance image analysis capabilities, diversify the range of quantitative outputs, and ultimately improve study outcomes for our clients.”

Lorcan Sherry, Chief Scientific Officer, OracleBio

What customers say about Visiopharm

“The versatility of the Visiopharm software gives us the flexibility to address the increasing complexity of pathology images within the images (…) and the ensuing biological questions that have posed.”

Keith Bower, Senior Business Development Manager, OracleBio

What customers say about Visiopharm

“We were quite surprised at the accuracy and precision of the automated phenotyping and the simplicity in using the software.”

Heather Stevenson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch and Director of Transplantation Pathology

What customers say about Visiopharm

“The way to analyze IMCTM data turned out to be a big barrier to usage because it is really hard to do. Visiopharm came to our rescue because we used their software but they modified it, so that it can handle – instead of just four or five channels – fifty channels as we see with IMCTM.”


David Rimm MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Oncology), Director of Yale School of Medicine

Upgrade your understanding of tumor biology with Visiopharm’s AI-powered Phenotyping module

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